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The dual fuel commercial strategy has allowed the electricity market to develop at sustained growth rates, both through cross-selling activities to existing customers and through expansion into new markets. The strategy has protected existing customers in the gas sector, as shown previously, and placed Hera among the top eight domestic operators, with annual sales of approximately 10 TWh, with a tenfold increase in the customer base to almost 500 thousand (compared with 49 thousand at the beginning in 2002).


Electricity sold
Volums distributed (Gwh) 5095361,5071,8802,2482,2632,1172,2382,304 
Customers ('000)49505417726427328733538348228.9%
Electricity network (Km)1,4101,4231,4295,5866,5219,3639,5289,6599,7439,94224.2%

Commercial development in the electricity sector has been accompanied by a parallel cautious development in electricity generation for the sustainable management of customer demand. Over the years, Hera has been involved in the construction of two base-load new generation CCGT plants in Campania (an area with a poor infrastructure), with a capacity of 1,200 MW. These plants have been built through a joint venture with the purchase of minority stakes by foreign partners of international standing. The relatively small financial commitment has allowed access to cost price electricity, while the signing of special agreements (PPA), which include flexible supply conditions, guarantee a low risk profile. Since the establishment of the Group, it has held a 5.5% stake in Tirreno Power as part of this initiative, through the company Energia Italiana.

In 2008, an 80 MW gas cogeneration plant was completed in Imola, which guarantees self-sufficiency for the province if there is a national grid black out. Lastly, Hera’s generation facilities included the development of more than 100 MW of clean energy from waste-to-energy plants, a further 13 MW from biomass thermoelectric plants, as well as the recent development of small biogas and photovoltaic generation plants, which complete the diversified portfolio of the Group.

The production of electricity destined for Hera end users covers more than 30% of customer demand; the remaining part is purchased on the market with a widely diversified portfolio of supplies.

Electricity distribution activities have recorded significant development since their establishment. The merger with the Modena multi-utility (Meta S.p.A.) in 2005 and the acquisition of the Enel electricity network in the province of Modena have contributed to the expansion of the network to almost 10,000 kilometres which, thanks to the investments made, is fully equipped with electronic meters and managed remotely through a single, state-of-the-art remote control centre.


The strong impetus of market and trading activities, the merger with Meta of Modena and the subsequent acquisition of the Enel network in the province of Modena in 2006, has led to EBITDA increasing more than seven times over in ten years.