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This year will be the tenth anniversary of Hera Group which will be celebrated with an Annual Report once again dedicated to both economic and financial growth. It makes an important statement, taking into consideration the continuing crisis which has led to almost all the main players in the industry, even the largest ones, suffering financial stress and needing to seriously rethink their strategies.

In an historic context, these financial statements confirm the long, uninterrupted path of growth over a ten-year period which has featured significant challenges: local public services liberalisation processes, legislative developments in all primary services and serious crises in the banking and finance system, culminating in the sovereign debt crisis that has greatly affected Italy.

The results achieved have managed to satisfy the best expectations of those who, in 2002, pursued the forward-looking plan of uniting 11 public utility companies, in the hope of bringing together the valuable business cultures and strong territorial links against a background of serious disruption. 

On the occasion of this tenth anniversary we propose to take a look at where Hera Group is now and the results achieved to show what makes the Group stand out from its competitors. The brave risk-averse approach, long-term strategic choices and linear strategies pursued, set against the context of turbulent events and staying on course to achieve the targets set, can all be cited as examples. This analysis is useful for evaluating the soundness of the positions reached and understanding how they represent a greater “certainty”, compared with the past, for continuing along the path of further growth in the future.

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