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Waste Management

Hera is the leading domestic operator in the waste management sector through the quantity of waste collected and treated.

Waste collection activity regulated by concession contracts has developed over the years through the inclusion of companies, and now covers all the areas from Modena to Pesaro-Urbino. Thanks to constantly raising customer awareness and supporting local institutions, the Hera waste collection system is based on recycling the majority (over 50%) of waste materials (glass, paper, plastic and metals and biomass) and on the development of the energy content of the remaining part, through waste-to-energy treatments and extraction of biogases.

Sorted collection

This effective system has made a considerable contribution to the decrease in the amount of urban waste disposed of directly in landfills, thereby reducing soil pollution.

The activities of waste treatment and disposal have benefited, over time, from significant expansion and renovation of the plant structure. The multi-year plan for the modernisation of large plants was completed in 2011. Landfill capacity was also expanded and the biomass treatment plants, already part of the Group’s assets, were upgraded.

PlantsInstalled capacity
Authorized treatment
capacity (t)
Waste treated
Forlì WTE10.7120,000115,741
Ravenna WTE6.256,50042,118
Rimini WTE13.0150,000114,375
Modena WTE24.8240,000176,295
Ferrara WTE12.9130,000129,837
FEA WTE22.0220,000201,020
Ravenna F3 WTE4.240,00039,955
Biomass plant Enomondo13.7114,000103,690

Today, the structure comprises 79 plants, capable of satisfying waste treatment and development requirements of all kinds. It is a part of the Group’s excellence on a national scale and has made a contribution to supporting the considerable expansion in the volume of activities over the ten-year period and also satisfying the complex requirements of disposal and drainage at production sites.

Total market waste ('000 ton)

With the generation of approximately 0.7 TWh, the Group has become one of the main operators committed to the recovery of electricity from waste and is the only company in recent years that has managed to build and activate five new WTE plants in Italy. This operation has led to the installed capacity reaching approximately 100 megawatt, with 1 million tonnes/year.

In the light of the insufficient infrastructures in the waste treatment sector in Italy, which are typical and culminated in the waste emergency in Campania, Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Lazio, invitations to tender were put out for the construction of new WTE plants in several Italian regions. At the end of 2011 Hera was awarded the contract to purchase a 40% stake in the construction and management of a WTE plant, producing 140 thousand tonnes a year, in the province of Florence, and was committed to increasing its market share in order to put the unique expertise it has gained in the market to good use.

In order to best rationalise the business in line with market logics, in 2010 the Hera Group set up the company Herambiente which became responsible for all waste disposal, treatment and recovery liberalised activities. In the same year, the Group opened up the Herambiente share ownership to Eiser, an infrastructure investment fund, thereby guaranteeing financial support for the future development of the company.


Growth in the Waste Management area, which supported the growth of the Group’s results over the ten years, has caused EBITDA to almost quadruple. The development dynamics saw results over the last two years stabilise as a result of the economic-financial crisis which affected industrial and consumer businesses in Italy. In spite of the difficult market context, the waste management area recorded a double digit average growth rate, higher than the Group average for the ten years under consideration.

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