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5 Other operating income

Long-term contracts 143,558 135,169 8,389
White certificates17,69115,4782,213
Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection16,27614,8441,432
Use and re-assessment of provisions5,45914,950-9,491
Capital grants3,8903,674216
Costs reimbursed3,0952,897198
Grey certificates2,8293,632-803
Insurance reinbursements2,2521,2111,041
Sale of materials and stock to third parties1,8867931,093
Capital gains on sales of goods3016,088-5,787
Other revenues11,47510,2371,238
Total 210,189 210,431 -242

The most substantial changes with respect to the same period of the previous year are described below.

"Long-term construction contracts" include revenues generated from the construction or improvement of infrastructures held under a concession arrangement, in application of IFRIC 12.

"White certificates" and "Grey certificates" show the revenues recorded for the Compensation Fund of the electricity sector, after energy goals were attained (white certificates) and for the Ministry for the Environment, for the grey certificates mainly pertaining to the cogeneration plant in Casalegno. Specifically, in relation to the latter plant, Law Decree no. 72 of 20/5/2010, later converted with Law no. 111 of 19 July 2010, established that the plants that do not receive free allocation of permits are entitled to monetary repayment.

"Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection".

Operating grants, amounting to Euro 3,905 thousand in 2011 (Euro 893 thousand in 2010) are mainly comprised of:

  • reimbursement of expenses incurred for the provision of the protection service at the chemical hub of Terni, Euro 1,242 thousand, based on the resolution from the Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas (resolution ARG/elt 163/11);
  • incentives paid by GSE for the production of electricity from renewable sources, amounting to Euro 1,405. This item recorded an increase over 2010 (Euro 757 thousand) due to the entry into operation of 3 new plants.

The contributions from separate waste collection, amounting to Euro 12,371 thousand in 2011, (Euro 13,951 in 2010), are made up mainly of the value from packaging (cardboard, iron, plastic and glass) transferred to the consortia of the Conai chain and electrical and electronic equipment sold to Raee (electrical and electronic waste collection centre).

The decrease compared with the previous year is due to the combined effect of:

  • paper and cardboard packaging sold in 2011 in the unregulated market and, therefore, recorded in revenues, saw a decrease of Euro 3,019;
  • higher quantities of plastic and glass of Euro 834 thousand;
  • operating grants disbursed by the Province of Forlė Cesena, Ato 8 and the Region of Emilia Romagna, amounting to Euro 902 thousand.

"Use and re-assessment of provisions" mainly includes uses for the costs of labour, leachate and resource hour costs as regards Group landfills, amounting to Euro 3,317 thousand, compared to Euro 6,502 thousand in 2010. Lower uses registered in 2011 compared to the previous year are attributable mainly to lower leachate costs of landfills used up as a result of unfavourable weather conditions recorded in 2011. In 2010, the item "Use and reassessment of funds" also included uses of the bad debt provision, for Euro 8,000 thousand.

"Reimbursement of costs", made up mainly of repayments from companies or entities relating to personnel seconded and the recovery of expenses from customers.

"Insurance reimbursements" registered an increase of Euro 1,041 thousand and relates mainly to repayments received in 2011, for:

  • damages caused to the cogeneration plant in the Fossolo district in Bologna (Euro 250 thousand);
  • damages caused to the Aranova Turbo-expander in Ferrara (amounting to Euro 302 thousand);
  • damages caused to the Cesenatico treatment plant (Euro 140 thousand);
  • reimbursements for legal cover (Euro 290 thousand);
  • various minor damages incurred (Euro 46 thousand).

"Capital gains from sales of goods" mainly recorded for the disposal of resources, waste disposal bins and sundry equipment; the figure for the previous year included mainly capital gains generated by the sale of the real estate complexes in Bologna - Via Ranzani (Euro 3,234 thousand) and in Sassuolo - Via Brigata Folgore (Euro 2,343 thousand).

"Other revenues", include mainly the recovery of costs for environmental services and relating to the electricity and gas sector.

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