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7 Costs for services

Charges for works and maintenance 248,240 253,600 -5,360
Energy transport and storage181,995135,78946,206
Waste transportation, disposal and collection services172,372169,4572,915
Fees paid to local authorities69,71269,486226
Professional, legal, tax and organisational services25,04323,0711,972
IT and data processing services22,53319,3793,154
Rents and leases payable20,46418,6071,857
Postal and telephone costs15,35615,470-114
Technical services14,63917,614-2,975
Recruitment, training and other staff costs12,73611,7131,023
Bank fees and charges8,1677,593574
Announcements and advertising7,9277,238689
Cleaning and security costs5,4934,575918
Remuneration to Statutory Auditors, Directors, Area Committees5,3195,022297
Laboratory analysis4,6283,898730
Meter readings4,5585,097-539
Fees payable4,0103,895115
Expenses for long-term contracts334                                    -  334
Other service costs27,95022,9045,046
Total 870,486 810,742 59,744

The most substantial changes by comparison with the previous year are described below.

"Charges for works and maintenance". This item includes costs relating to the construction, or improvement, of infrastructures held under a concession arrangement, in order to reflect application of the interpretation IFRIC 12. The reduction by comparison with the previous year is due mainly to a reduction in investments, as detailed in the comments in the Directors' report.

"Energy transport and storage", the increase is attributable principally to higher volumes of electricity and gas sold on third party grids, amounting to Euro 39,263 thousand and Euro 6,943 thousand respectively. The increase in the volumes of gas sold in 2011 were due to the change in the scope of consolidation (amounting to Euro 4,205 thousand) brought about by the acquisition Sadori Gas Srl, a transaction detailed in a specific section in these explanatory notes.

"Waste transportation, disposal and collection services", the increase can be attributed to more waste management services provided in some Municipalities. This increase in costs was followed by an increase in revenues which were included in the tariff (TIA).

The item "fees paid to local authorities" includes the charges incurred for the use of public owned networks, fees paid to asset companies for the rent of gas, water and electricity cycle assets and the leasing of the drop-off points. The change compared with the previous year is due to the combined effect of:

  • lower rent paid to two Bologna Municipalities following the expiry of the relative concession contracts, totalling Euro 2,386 thousand;
  • lower rent paid to the Ato 1 Marche Nord Municipalities, amounting to Euro 576 thousand, following the redefinition of the parameters for calculating the amounts to be paid;
  • higher rent paid to the company Unica Reti, of Euro 750 thousand, of which Euro 400 thousand of a non-recurring nature following a transaction regarding the rental agreement for the gas business unit stipulated on 24 February 2003 and, Euro 350 thousand as a result of the signing of a new gas addition contract on 5 May 2011;
  • higher rent paid to Con.Ami for the gas rental contract with the Municipality of Medicina, amounting to Euro 450 thousand (entered into on 1 July 2010 following the repurchase of networks sold in 2009);
  • higher rent paid, of Euro 2,000 thousand, to the Municipality of Pesaro following the renegotiation of the heat and public lighting management contract in 2011. In 2010, this contract was recorded under sales and service revenues net of agreed rent.


""IT and data processing services", the increase is due mainly to higher costs for IT services, amounting to Euro 2,109 thousand and telecommunications services, totalling Euro 995 thousand.

"Technical services", the reduction is due primarily to a decrease in investments, as detailed in the comments in the Directors' report.

"Fees to Statutory Auditors, Directors, Area Committees", includes costs incurred for the different company bodies and for Area Committees.

"Other service costs": the increase is due mainly to the considerable strengthening in sales activities and sale of energy services.


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