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8 Personnel costs

Wages and salaries 260,560 253,904 6,656
Social security contributions86,54885,983565
Employee leaving indemnity and other benefits98091763
Other costs21,90821,127781
Total 369,996 361,931 8,065

The increase in labour costs is mainly due to changes in contractual trends.

As shown below, there were no significant changes in the number of employees, both at overall level and in terms of the individual category

The average number of employees in the period in question, analysed by category, is as follows:

Managers 128 126 2
Middle Management34333112
Average number 6,513 6,516 -3

On the whole, the average pro-capita labour cost for 2011 was equal to Euro 57 thousand, up 3.6% compared to the figures registered in the corresponding period of the previous year.

As at 31 December 2011, the effective number of employees was 6,484 units (6,491 units as at 31 December 2010).

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