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10 Other operating costs

Special landfill levy 11,276 11,404 -128
Taxation other than income taxes9,4168,0651,351
State rentals2,9163,578-662
Membership fees and other fees2,8773,644-767
Capital loss on sale of goods1,8323,202-1,370
Other minor charges11,5138,9282,585
Total  39,830 38,821 1,009

The most substantial changes by comparison with the previous year are described below.

"Special landfill levy", corresponds to the payment of ecotax on landfills managed by the Group.

"Taxation other than income taxes", the increase compared to 2010 is mainly linked to:

  • rent for the occupation of spaces and public areas relating to previous periods paid to the Municipality of Bologna;
  • payment of outstanding Municipal Property Tax to the Municipality of Bologna for the Viale Berti Pichat area, and to the Municipality of Ravenna on the Ravenna incinerator.


"Capital loss on the sale of goods" generated by the following disposals:

  • electricity meters, Euro 696 thousand (Euro 1,185 thousand as at 31 December 2010);
  • resources, waste disposal bins, containers and other equipment, Euro 502 thousand (Euro 287 thousand as at 31 December 2010);
  • different areas in the Bologna real estate complex - Viale Berti Pichat, Euro 205 thousand relating to operations already completed during the year (Euro 1,381 thousand as at 31 December 2010);
  • refractory on the Ferrara and Modena waste-to-energy plants, amounting to Euro 365 thousand.


"Other minor charges", the increase compared to the previous year is mainly due to gas distribution service continuity and safety costs.

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