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12 Portion of profits (losses) pertaining to associated companies

Portion of profits 8,806 7,744 1,062
Portion of losses-2,546-1,876-670
Total 6,260 5,868 392

The portion of "profits (losses) pertaining to associated companies" include the effects generated from measurement using the equity method.

As regards the "portion of profits", we'd like to point out the following changes compared to the previous year:

  • Aimag Spa, a positive Euro 3,267 thousand,
  • Sgr Spa, a positive Euro 985 thousand,
  • Set Spa, a negative Euro 3,181 thousand.

The increase compared to the previous year is mainly ascribable to the results of Aimag Spa.

The "Portion of losses" refers to the company Oikothen Scarl as a result of the losses actually recorded and valuations linked to the future prospects of the company. Please refer to note 33 "Provisions for risks and charges".

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