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Balance Sheet - assets

thousands of euronotes31-Dec-201131-Dec-2010
Non-current assets   
Tangible assets 151,884,4761,840,232
Intangible assets 161,802,5211,728,498
Equity investments 18135,865135,344
Financial assets 1911,03910,912
Deferred tax assets20105,50384,290
Financial instruments - derivatives2180,54840,071
Total non-current assets 4,397,7124,216,926
Current assets   
Trade receivables 231,250,3601,134,496
Contract work in progress 2422,39017,228
Financial assets 2542,94546,084
Financial instruments - derivatives2140,64212,796
Current tax assets266,1643,812
Other current assets27211,833177,795
Cash and cash equivalents28415,189538,226
Total current assets 2,062,2841,984,317
Non-current assets held for sale 2910,6060
TOTAL ASSETS  6,470,6026,201,243

In compliance with Consob Resolution no. 15519 dated 27 July 2006, the effects of relationships with related parties are accounted for in the appropriate statement of financial position outlined in paragraph 2.02.02 of these consolidated financial statements.