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18 Equity Investments

Non-consolidated subsidiaries     
Calor Pił Italia Scrl66 -
Consorzio Energia Servizi BO -5-5
Consorzio Frullo44 -
Hera Servizi Comiteriali Srl2020 -
Ingenia Srl -63-63
Solhar Alfonsine Srl5 -5
Solhar Bentivoglio Srl5 -5
Solhar Faenza Srl5 -5
Solhar Ferrara Srl5 -5
Solhar Modena Srl5 -5
Solhar Piangipane Srl5 -5
Solhar Ravenna Srl5 -5
Solhar Rimini Srl5 -5
Total 70 98 -28
Associated companies     
Aimag Spa39,91035,9923,918
Dyna Green Srl37352
Enomondo Srl -5,592-5,592
Feronia Srl705826-121
Ghirlandina Solare Srl652045
Modena Network Spa1,2011,207-6
Refri Srl2,4132,422-9
Set Spa35,86034,972888
Sgr Servizi Spa17,11115,2321,879
Sei Spa702702 -
So.Sel Spa600475125
Tamarete Energia Srl3,4983,890-392
Other minor companies288487-199
Total 102,390 101,852 538
Other companies     
Calenia Energia Spa9,0739,073 -
Energia Italiana Spa13,23313,233 -
Galsi Spa10,52410,524 -
Other minor companies57556411
Total                                       33,405                             33,394                                             11
Total equity investments                                     135,865                           135,344                                           521

Equity investments in non-consolidated subsidiaries

The main differences compared to 31 December 2010 relate to:

  • Ingenia Srl in liquidation, on 29 June 2011 was deleted from the Register of Companies
  • Solhar Alfonsine Srl, Solhar Bentivoglio Srl, Solhar Faenza Srl, Solhar Ferrara Srl, Solhar Modena Srl, Solhar Piangipane Srl, Solhar Ravenna Srl and Solhar Rimini Srl, incorporated on 31 January 2011, still not operational as at the balance sheet date.

Equity investments in associated companies

The changes compared to 31 December 2010 relating to Aimag Spa, Set Spa, Sgr Servizi Spa, Tamarete Energia Srl and Feronia Srl, reflect the acknowledgment of the portion of profits/losses accounted by the respective companies.

As of 1 January 2011, Enomondo Srl was proportionally consolidated, following the acquisition of an additional 10% of share capital. Until 31 December 2010, the company was valued using the equity method.

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