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19 Financial assets

Loan receivables from associated and other companies 10,621 10,029 592
Fixed-income securities309309 -
Receivables for mortgages to be collected and advanced commissions109574-465
Total11,03910,912 127

"Loan receivables from associated and other companies", comprises non-interest bearing loans or loans regulated at market rates, granted to the following companies:

Set Spa 5,964 5,964-
Sei Spa3,3482,828520
Modena Network Spa960960 -
Oikothen Scarl32227745
Dyna Green25 -25
Other minor companies2 -2
Total10,62110,029 592

The main differences relate to:

  • Sei Spa, for three disbursements in January, June and November 2011 amounting to Euro 140 thousand, Euro 300 thousand and Euro 80 thousand respectively;
  • Oikothen Scarl, for another disbursement in October 2011 of Euro 45 thousand;
  • Dyna Green, per a non interest-bearing loan disbursed in May 2011 of Euro 25 thousand.

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