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29 Non-current assets held for sale

 31-dec-1131-dec-10 Changes 
Land and buildings9,930 9,930
General and specific plants676 676
Total10,606 10,606

Non-current assets held for sale, reclassified from the item Tangible fixed assets in application of IFRS 5, amount to Euro 10,606 thousand and relate to:

  • the portion of the property complex in Berti Pichat area known as Area P1, amounting to Euro 8,003 thousand (preliminary sale agreement of 30 November 2011). In this regard, it should be noted that the area in question is to be redeveloped which will involve the construction, by a third party construction firm, of a new management building and urbanisation of the surrounding spaces; the agreement signed with the construction firm envisages that part of said building will then be leased to the Group;
  • the property in Via Dozza no. 8 in Bologna, amounting to Euro 2,603 thousand (preliminary sale agreement of 21 July 2011).


Furthermore, the amortisation/depreciation relating to said assets involve an insignificant amount

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